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Molecular Staging is addressing this demand with a portfolio of products and services based on technologies that are transforming the detection and measurement of both proteins and nucleic acids.

  • resize2Questions about the origin and definition of life can be answered from different perspectives: thermodynamics, physiological, metabolic, biochemical or genetic. The latter focuses on the characterization of information flows and nucleic acids and proteins that carry. Efforts to consolidate these perspectives lead to a definition derived from the so-called cell theory, based on three basic elements: the presence of a semipermeable boundary (cell membrane), a unit of energy production and processing systems and management information (the proteome and the genome). These assumptions define minimum cellular organism as simple as possible. But we shall see, this is just theory. The plasticity of nature and the potential inherent in the evolution have led to bridge the world of living beings who are in a real interface, which meet some of these requirements, but lack other to survive and prosper independently. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • primer-on-molecular-genetics1Title: Primer on Molecular Genetics
    Creator: Human Genome Management Information System, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Provider: William H.Welch Medical Library, The Johns Hopkins University

    Description: The Primer on Molecular Genetics is an introduction to the science behind the human genome project and was prepared for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Human Genome Program Report for 1991-92 . This document contains information on the Biology of DNA, techniques for Sequencing and Mapping Genes, and Genome Informatics. Figures are included. It is currently under revision. There are two versions available, an Adobe Acrobat version (which allows users to print originals) and a html version.

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