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Molecular Staging is addressing this demand with a portfolio of products and services based on technologies that are transforming the detection and measurement of both proteins and nucleic acids.

  • resize1Epigenetic modifications of chromatin and telomeres have an important effect in regulating how and when our genes are expressed. Previous studies have shown that telomere shortening occurs in pathological situations such as cancer and the aging process. However, until now little was known about the overall impact of these defects and what their mechanisms of action. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Research in the field of molecular processes of aging in the
    last decade can be described as enormous, with many surprises that explain many
    basic biological processes of multicellular organisms. Blasco and her team make
    much of the progress occurring in this area of research. The concepts with which
    they work (cancer, aging, stem cells, telomere length and amount of telomerase)
    are woven together to shed light on the possible link between stem cells in
    cancer development and aging. Read the rest of this entry »

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