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  • New mechanism of regulation of tumor suppressor

    images22In our earlier “A Fund” section opened with the analysis of a Spanish paper published in Nature (Ferris Marco et al., 2006). And we congratulabamos therefore it is still uncommon to see in that publication a study conducted entirely by Spanish investigators. It seems that our discussion had taken effect in the minds of so renowned editorial publication, and this month we have an equivalent opportunity to rejoice at the appearance of another article malignancy in Spanish on the British magazine par excellence. This time it’s a research on the regulation of a tumor suppressor locus.

    The research was led by Manuel Serrano, one of the young scientists with their own research group at the CNIO, and the development of work have helped other groups in the center of cancer research, as well as Salamanca and Hospital October 12 . It appears that the work that led to the consolidation of the CNIO in 2003 is bearing fruit, with a handful of scientists are particularly active in leading-edge research on cancer, and their roots in the valuable work of training young researchers carried out especially by Margarita Salas and Gins Morata, among others, during the past two decades from the laboratories of the Center for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa.

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