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  • Complex networks of stress and tumors

    images23Cancer, such as biological process that goes beyond the laws of development and cellular growth, requires relocation process and investigate molecular mechanisms that lead to uncontrolled cell division, genomic instability and tumor development. The identification of these new patterns of growth and development can be very important to understand and combat processes tumorogénesis.1 It appears from research such as referenced here, the Cdc6 and other cellular components are joined, forming complexes prerreplicativos before initiated DNA duplication.

    The coupling of these protein structures determined at what point is the origin of initiation of DNA replication. Described the mechanism directly involved in the regulation of a locus, under conditions of cellular stress, which seems essential to avoid the initiation of tumor growth: Ink4/Arc locus, coding for three tumor suppressor. Previously had been proposed that certain alterations in this gene could cause the appearance of tumores.2 The description of this genomic region as a regulator opens new avenues in drug research and avoid blocking the inactivation of tumor suppressor involved .

    These new lines, followed by young researchers (increasingly more often, in our own country), to suggest alternatives to regulate senescence and apoptosis processes as yet unidentified, may represent the key to investigations not too remote in time pointing in a more accurate and effective in preventing tumors right there where its true origin or desencadenamiento.3 A tool and an approach to take into account.

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