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  • Development and morphogenesis: potentialities from common patterns

    2Embryonic development and morphogenesis of individual organs are common schemes based processes. In them, groups of undifferentiated cells, they initiate a series of complex interactions with internal and external signals, in order to establish patterns that direct cells to their subsequent proliferation, differentiation, coordinated morphological change and migration. This seemingly elementary, requires the integration of a series of activations and changes in the expression levels of a few basic genes. Two mechanisms are paramount in this general scheme: the proper control of temporal and spatial activation patterns of cell signaling, and the union of these patterns with cellular effectors that activate cellular responses in terms of gene activity or cell morphology.

    Since capital works on the establishment of patterns during embryonic development of insectos1 until the discovery of cell adhesion proteins central to the development of the Drosophila tracheal system, 2 Casanova and his group have developed a dynamic activity in this world that seeks to better understand how an organism develops and how it gains the inherent complexity of its various organs. But it is also important to highlight the importance of this work for a global evolutionary vision. Studying the details of character development limiter decipher what is possible in evolution.

    Not everything is possible, since development and morphogenesis are limiting factors of the variation available to natural selection. It is something that is evident in works the same group, where different organs or systems with similar functions, but apparently different structure may be homologous in different groups of organisms. This is the case of the tracheal gills of insects and crustaceans, both respiratory function, but some internal and others external to organismo.3

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