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  • Lipids and caveolin-1, key regeneration

    resize9Liver regeneration is a process still unknown at the molecular level. In liver regeneration stem cells do not participate, but that the hepatocytes of this tissue are specialized to regain their ability to divide and generate new liver cells. To coordinate this mechanism requires a regulatory system required to build an energy reservoir in the form of lipid and to split the genetic machinery in motion.

    IDIBAPS researchers have studied the role of caveolin-1 in this process. They compared the regenerative capacity of normal mice and gene-caveolin-1 deletions, after the removal of 70% of liver mass. The lines of genetically modified mice showed markedly reduced cell regeneration and a lower survival. The work, published in Science, also found that hepatocytes modified mice show a significant reduction in lipid bodies and not making adequate progress through the cell division cycle. This seems to show that the energy source for liver regeneration comes from the fat accumulated during the early hours of the process and that mice do not express caveolin-1 are unable to form these lipid bodies in providing much needed energy. Similar results were obtained by canceling the expression of caveolin gene with RNA interference techniques, and found that glucose administration allowed to restore some of the functions of feedback to provide an alternative source of lipid.

    This study allows us to decipher a key function of lipid bodies and caveolin, and demonstrate that lipids are the basic fuel for cell division during liver regeneration. The authors also postulate that an excess of lipids could represent, for these cells, an increased energy source to proliferate uncontrollably in the form of liver tumors.

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