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  • Mitochondrial DNA is also involved

    resize6Despite the involvement of genes of mitochondrial DNA in the respiratory processes of the cell, so far had not detected any influence of mitochondrial DNA haplotypes in principle neutral, in respiratory efficiency of the cell, although it had been linked to learning ability or the penetrance of different diseases. In a recent issue of Nature Genetics, the research group GENOXPHOS of the University of Zaragoza, suggests a molecular explanation to substantiate these variations are not understood so far.

    The group designed an experimental system by which built five cell lines with an identical nuclear genome, mitochondrial chromosomes but with different haplotype mouse. From here, studied whether these cells displayed a differential behavior between them to some functional aspect. They found that chromosomes with haplotype NIH3T3 and NZB related to early onset of deafness and reduced learning ability in mice, causing increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reduced efficiency in extracting energy food.

    In addition, ROS, considered toxic, act as alarm signals in the regulation of cell capacity to produce energy. Finally, growth and cell survival in the presence of certain drugs was seen as altered mitochondrial haplotype possessed. The demonstration that mitochondrial DNA variants are not neutral highlights the need to consider in depth the variation in this chromosome to understand individual predisposition to various diseases, the severity of associated symptoms, the most effective treatment and selection personalized drug, as gather basic tenets advocated by individualized molecular medicine.

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