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  • New kinase involved in tumor

    resize4The research team of the Center for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa, led by Federico Mayor Menéndez, has identified a new target protein ligase Mdm2: a proto-oncogene amplified in 5-10% of human tumors. The results of the study, collected in EMBO show that the growth factor IGF-1, potent inducer of cell survival and proliferation, stabilizes in breast epithelial cells to protein kinase GRK2. This effect depends on the activation of the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and the presence of Mdm2, suggesting that stimulation of Akt “reset” the map of Mdm2 targets to run the program for survival, facilitating the effective destruction proapoptotic factors such as p53 and preventing other proteins, now identified GRK2.

    The protein kinase GRK2 is a classic regulator of membrane receptors coupled to G proteins (responding to stimuli such as hormones or inflammatory signals), as well as an increasing number of growth factor receptors. Previous studies have shown that altering the levels of this kinase has implications in cell signaling and implications in cardiovascular disease, inflammation or certain tumors.

    Mdm2 gene amplification is frequent in human tumors, allowing the deletion of p53, guardian of genomic stability, facilitating the neoplastic transformation. Less known are the functions of Mdm2 proto not dependent on p53. In this sense, the new work draws GRK2 as a possible factor involved in the tumoral process, which is reinforced by preliminary data indicating high levels of this protein in malignant cells compared with healthy cells. Confirmed this possibility might arise new therapeutic approaches aimed at neutralizing the GRK2 protein in different tumor types.

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