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  • The control of cell division in plants or What Makes a root?

    images94It is now a year and a half inaugurábamos this section have been pleasantly surprised by very high-level work, published in full by Spanish researchers in international journals of high impact. After this period not only failed to place a welcome fact that, fortunately and finally, it is more than usual in the areas of science that have greater investment, especially for its implications in medicine of the future but so is also its own merits in regard to basic research .

    In this regard we must put Crisanto Gutierrez and his research team at the Center for Molecular Biology ‘Severo Ochoa’, a joint CSIC and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The primary interest of this group is the study and characterization of the balance that occurs between cell proliferation and differentiation, a process crucial for the development of multicellular organisms. But in addition, Gutierrez studied these processes in plants, where organogenesis is a postembryonic continuous process, with a key role in the life cycle and physiology of plant cells.

    To this end, researchers at the “Severo Ochoa” mainly used as a model organism Arabidopsis thaliana of their experiments. This small plant has already released many of the secrets of physiology and biochemistry of plants and now beginning to provide some of those that determine the development and embryogenesis in vegetative organs and structures of plants.

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