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  • From genome to proteome: the control of the messengers

    melissa-pvc-sandalia6Following his doctoral dissertation at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Raul Mendez spent the next eight years of research activity in American laboratories of Robert E. Rhoads (Louisiana State University Medical Center) and Joel D. Richter (University of Massachusetts Medical Center). This postdoctoral experience endorsed joining the brand new Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona back in 2001, where he went to lead the group, Translational control of gene expression, in the Gene Regulation Program of the center.

    In the GRA, Mendez has formed a consolidated group that focuses its interests in understanding the molecular mechanisms in control temporal and spatial translation of mRNA during cell cycle progression and embryonic development. The research group intends to apply part of this knowledge to regulate the translation of other mRNAs, such as those related to the response to DNA damage in neoplastic proliferation processes of the type of myeloid leukemia.

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