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  • The stability of the messengers

    images59Many studies in the yeast Saccharomyces transcriptomic in analyzing the gene expression program in a variety of conditions. Most if not all the cited studies analyzed only the different levels of mRNA by conventional genomic techniques. Indeed, in many cases implicitly assumes that the levels of each mRNA are a direct consequence of the action of one or several transcriptional regulators. This does not take into account that mRNA levels depend both on its rate of synthesis and the degradation. This study, ‘paper of the week “in the journal J. Chem, is a collaboration between two groups at the universities of Lleida and Valencia, under the responsibility of Henry Smith and Jose Enrique Pérez-Ortín, respectively.

    The work uses a technique (Genomic Run-On) previously developed by the second group and to analyze the rate of transcription for each of the yeast genes, applying a dynamic situation here as the response to stress oxidative. Thus, it is shown that in this response are crucial not only changes in the rate of transcription, but for different functional categories of genes, such as those involved in the formation and maturation of ribosomes, are changes in the stability of respective mRNA determined so that the final levels of primary transcripts.

    For a number of genes, data from global genomic studies are validated and confirmed in the work using tetracycline regulated promoters to analyze the specific mRNA half-lives at various times after applying oxidative stress. This work opens the way to reveal essential RNA related proteins in modulating the half-life of mRNA in response to stress.

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