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  • Key mechanism in the formation of organs

    images55Understanding how cells organize and coordinate to form the tissues and organs in living organisms (morphogenesis) is a basic question in developmental biology. The morphogenesis requires a number of cellular processes that occur in a coordinated way in small groups of cells, including proliferation, migration, differentiation, growth, and reposicionamento rearrangement of cells within the tissue. The end result of all these processes is to form a body-dimensional structure-from the initial flat structure which are the first cells of the embryo.

    The enigma of this process is how cells get organized. To try to answer this question, Daniel Shaye, Jordi Casanova and Marta Llimargas Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB), the CSIC and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) have conducted an inquiry which has recently published Nature Cell Biology – on the formation of tracheae in Drosophila melanogaster r. The article focuses on the process of cell rearrangement during elongation of tissues that, today, is one of the most misunderstood processes of developmental biology and seems to play a key role in shaping the end of the body.

    Assuming that could be the levels of E-cadherin (and probably other adhesion proteins) that determine whether cells intercalation occurred or not, after a process of moving and remodeling. He also suggested that intracellular trafficking and recycling of this protein through vesicles could be a regulatory mechanism. From the results of such investigations has been demonstrated that this mechanism regulates the levels of this protein in the cell membrane and thus plays a key role in the processes of tissue remodeling and formation of organs. A mechanism that, in abnormal conditions, can be the basis of cancer and metastasis processes.

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