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  • The molecular connection between transcription and pore

    images54Transcription is a process in eukaryotic cells is coupled to mRNA processing and transport. In recent years, we know that the transcription of at least a number of genes occurs at the nuclear periphery near the nuclear pore. In yeast ASaccharomyces cerevisiae proteins Thp1, Sac3 and Cdc31 form a complex (THSC), associated with nuclear pore affecting the process of transcription and RNA transport. This complex is also present Sus1, a protein identified as a component of the SAGA complex, involved in transcription initiation.

    This research group Andrés Aguilera, at the Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine, shows that proteins Thp1, Sac3 and Sus1 share the same role in transcription elongation and mRNA transport, independently of the SAGA complex. Also, like THO / TREX, a nuclear complex that acts in the transcription-transport interface, THSC complex mutants, including Sus1 have a phenotype of genomic instability associated with transcription. In an elegant way by using a ribozyme sequence in the nascent RNA, RNAse H and the expression of the human enzyme AID, the authors demonstrate that the phenotypes of expression and instability depend on the nascent RNA molecule, possibly through the formation of DNA-RNA hybrids.

    These results indicate that the role of these proteins, including Sus1, is mediated by the nascent RNA during phases of elongation and transport. The authors conclude that the THSC complex together with THO / TREX, define a route that connects transcription elongation with transport through a dynamic process dependent on RNA, which provides a feedback mechanism to control transcription and maintenance of genomic integrity.

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