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  • Oncogenes not as crucial

    images41One of the tenets associated with cancer advocates that the inactivation of oncogenes leads to remission of the tumors, implying that oncogenes would be the real Achilles heel of cancer. This model has kept the oncogenes as a therapeutic target clear and agreed with the certainty that in human cancer all cancer cells, irrespective of the existing cellular heterogeneity in the tumor, carry the same genetic lesions Oncogenetics home. This view may now be questioned from a study on the effect of BCR-ABL oncogene in the development of cancer in an animal model of oncogene expression restricted to stem cells.

    The laboratory of Isidro Sanchez-Garcia of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer, center joint CSIC and Universidad de Salamanca, uses the mouse genetics and genomics to dissect the molecular mechanisms and biological processes that govern the role of tumor stem cells in tumor biology and translational oncology.

    In his recent work at The EMBO Journal, show that BCR-ABL is linked to the onset of chronic myeloid leukemia in humans. The study shows that limiting the expression of oncogene SCA1 + cells, the tumor continues to advance, showing that maintenance of the expression of oncogenes is not essential for the generation of differentiated tumor cells. The result also shows a little decisive role of BCR -ABL in the regulation of cancer formation. This work shows for the first time some of the therapeutic benefits of stem cell research tumor.

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