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  • Export of RNA messengers and transcription

    197-32Research in the past eight years has driven the classical idea that nuclear processes occurring from transcriptional activation to the mature mRNA out of the nucleus were independent events. The work of many groups has contributed significantly to turning this vision of gene expression, and currently accepted model of coupled processes that ensure the proper output for translation of mRNA in the cytoplasm.

    One of the earliest works that demonstrated this coupling was the discovery of TREX1 complex, where proteins involved in elongation / export recombination and physically interacted. 1
    Another of the most significant discoveries in the field was the identification of Sus1. 2 The study of the role of Sus1 possible for the first time, link events such as transcriptional activation (by modification of histones), with the export of messenger.

    The idea that Sus1 as part of a complex nestled in the promoter and a compound in the nuclear pore, serve as a physical coupling between the two locations was verified in a later work where the approach of the nuclear pore gene locus during transcription required of these factors. 3 These data obtained in yeast, have been recently confirmed in higher eukaryotes, 4 which reinforces the importance of Sus1 in gene expression.

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