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  • Paper published in Genome Research describes a procedure for rapid amplification of circular DNA developed by Molecular Staging Inc. and Amersham Pharmacia Biotech

    New Haven, CT August 13, 2001– Molecular Staging Inc., today announced that, together with Amersham Pharmacia Bio-tech, the two companies have developed a simple method of using Rolling Circle Amplification to copy circular DNA for sequencing, 10,000 fold in a few hours.

    “This procedure, which removes the need for lengthy growth periods and traditional DNA isolation procedures, will deliver operational efficiency gains for DNA sequencing centers and genomics companies” said Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, COO of Molecular Staging Inc.

    The method is very simple, involving only a few steps, namely heat lysis of the organism containing the DNA of interest and an isothermal amplification step.

    “Amersham Pharmacia Biotech have already enabled huge productivity gains in preparation of template DNA for the DNA sequencing market with their new TempliPhiTM DNA Sequencing Template Amplification Kit, which is based on this procedure. We believe this procedure will also deliver additional first time benefits across a wide range of applications.”

    The paper, Rapid Amplification of Plasmid and Phage DNA Using Phi29 DNA Polymerase and Multiply-Primed Rolling Circle Amplification, published in the June issue of Genome Research 11:1095-1099, describes a rapid, scalable method for the amplification of circular DNA directly from bacterial cells or from viral plaques, generating high quality templates for use in DNA sequencing, probe generation or cloning.

    “Sample preparation procedures for all manner of circular DNA such as plasmid, phage and mitochondrial DNA, can now be made significantly simpler, faster and more cost effective” said Dr. Kingsmore.

    Use of a high fidelity DNA polymerase, Phi29 from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, ensures a very low error rate of 1 in 106 – 107 bases. This feature will be valuable for amplification of genomic DNA or cDNA where accuracy is paramount.

    The procedure effectively amplifies even large DNA circles such as bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) and cosmids. Unlike PCR this method does not appear to be limited by target length. In addition, the procedure holds promise for obtaining DNA sequencing templates from unculturable organisms as well as in vitro propagation of unclonable circular templates. This will greatly expand the number of organisms in the world from which new genes can be isolated and studied.

    The authors of the Genome Research paper are Molecular Staging Inc. scientists Frank Dean and Roger Laskin, together with John Nelson and Theresa Giesler of Amersham Pharmacia Biotech.

    Molecular Staging Inc. (MSI) is a life science company developing a portfolio of technologies for detection and measurement of proteins and nucleic acids across a broad range of applications, including proteomics, genomics, pharmacogenomics and diagnostics. MSI’s core technology is Rolling Circle Amplification Technology TM (RCATTM), a proprietary amplification process that has significant advantages in terms of sensitivity, multiplexing, dynamic range and scalability. Additional information about MSI can be found at

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