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  • Molecular Staging Inc updates Motorola Inc.’s intended usage of Rolling Circle Amplification Technology.

    New Haven, CT. June 4, 2001 – Molecular Staging Inc. (MSI) today confirmed that Motorola will not exercise an option to license Rolling Circle Amplification technology (RCAT™) for applications in the clinical diagnostics market. Instead, Motorola Inc. intends to pursue the use of RCAT™ for a number of research applications.

    Motorola Inc. and MSI entered into a license option agreement related to the use of RCAT™ on clinical diagnostic microarrays, November 7, 2000, whereby Motorola Inc. paid certain research • fees and made an equity investment in MSI. The agreement provided for an evaluation period during which Motorola Inc and MSI would work together to meet specific technical milestones.

    Nick Naclerio, Vice President and General Manager of Motorola BioChip Systems, a division of Motorola Inc. confirmed that the technical work performed by MSI was outstanding.

    Torben Christensen, President and CEO of Molecular Staging said, “We are delighted with the outcome of the evaluation program undertaken by teams of scientists from MSI and Motorola Biochip Systems. MSI’s technology achieved and in some cases surpassed the milestones set for the program. The decision by the Motorola Life Science division to pursue Rolling Circle Amplification Technology for a number of research applications once again validates the substantial potential of this technology for on chip amplification”.

    Both Dr. Naclerio and Mr. Christensen stated that they would welcome an opportunity for the two organizations to work together in other areas of common interest.

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    Molecular Staging Inc. (MSI) is a life science company developing a portfolio of technologies for detection and measurement of proteins and nucleic acids across a broad range of applications, including proteomics, genomics, pharmacagegenomics and diagnostics. MSI’s core technology is Rolling Circle Amplification Technology (RCAT), a proprietary amplification process that has significant advantages in terms of sensitivity, multiplexing, dynamic range and scalability. Additional information about MSI can be found at

    About Motorola Inc.
    Motorola Life Sciences was established in 1998 to develop products which enable the delivery of better healthcare through the understanding and practical application of genomics. The products under development at Motorola Life Sciences will enable scientists and healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately analyze the DNA, RNA and proteins in living cells. In the future, the outcomes from this work will lead to the delivery of faster and more individualized healthcare. For more information, visit Motorola at

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