Molecular Staging Molecular Staging is addressing this demand with a portfolio of products and services based on technologies that are transforming the detection and measurement of both proteins and nucleic acids.
  • RCATTM Advantages

    Rolling Circle Amplification Technology (RCAT)
    is a proprietary amplification technology that offers multiple advantages
    to help meet the emerging needs of life sciences industries.

    RCAT: First-time performance advantages

    Expanded multiplexing
    for protein microarrays

    RCAT enables an unprecedented combination
    of sensitivity and multiplexing advantages for protein microarrays. This
    allows researchers for the first time to take advantage of the efficiency,
    throughput, and utility of microarrays for protein detection and measurement.

    Unparalleled sensitivity and, in turn, enhanced clinical utility
    for immunoassays

    For the first time sub-pg/mL sensitivities
    are available for protein analysis, offering scientists significantly
    improved immunoassays able to detect important biological markers for
    cancer and infectious disease in concentrations too low to be detected
    by conventional assays.

    An amplification method
    compatible with today’s cellular analysis requirements

    For the first time, amplification delivers
    increased sensitivity and multiplexing capability in immunohistochemistry,
    in-situ hybridization, and flow cytometry without destroying morphological
    context. Molecular information can be derived directly from a natural
    biological setting, within cells and tissues. In addition, targets can
    be pinpointed in their exact cellular geography. Clinicians and researchers
    can now access greater information for diagnosis, prognosis, target validation
    and monitoring.

    RCAT: More reliable scientific
    more quickly, consistently,
    and cost-effectively.

    RCAT achieves an unprecedented increase
    in sensitivity over conventional protein and nucleic acid assay methods,
    enabling earlier detection of disease, new proprietary tests, and an enhanced
    understanding of the role each protein or nucleic acid plays in disease
    and drug response.

    With RCAT, the signal remains tethered to
    the analyte or target of interest, enabling simultaneous measurement of
    many different targets. This addresses the growing interest in protein
    expression, as well as the trend to diagnose disease with multiple biological

    Isothermal environment
    The isothermal nature of RCAT ensures that
    protein function and critical cellular morphology information are preserved.
    Additionally, the convenience and cost-savings of isothermal technology
    support the trend toward point-of-care diagnostics.

    Cost advantages of RCAT over current technologies
    include the minimal use of expensive reagents and precious patient samples,
    the elimination of time-consuming and expensive thermal cycling, and labor
    savings achieved through the unique ability of RCAT to enable technology
    and workstation consolidation for DNA, RNA, and protein applications.

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