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  • RCATTM for Microarrays

    The microarray is currently the format of choice for many approaches to
    genomics and pharmacogenomics and holds considerable promise as a platform
    for diagnostics and proteomics.

    Key advantages of microarrays are:

    • Massive multiplexing,
    • Multipurpose applicability,
    • Minute reagent consumption.

    For many microarray applications, however, prior amplification of target
    is a precondition for optimal use. PCR for example, is one of the most
    widely used amplification methods, but it is ill-suited for microarray
    purposes for two reasons. First, PCR amplification must be carried out
    prior to the addition of sample to the microarray, representing a time-
    and labor-consuming step as well as introducing another parameter of bias.
    Second, PCR has limited multiplexing ability because its products are
    dispersed into the solution, thereby limiting the advantage of microarrays
    for massively parallel applications.

    RCAT is an amplification method that uniquely allows amplification and
    detection of RNA, DNA, and proteins directly on the microarray. In addition,
    the ability of RCAT to produce amplified material that remains tethered
    to target molecules enables unprecedented multiplexing. The combination
    of these features significantly increases efficiency, throughput, and
    the utility of microarrays for the life sciences market.

    Advantages of RCAT for Microarrays:

    • Allows target recognition, signal amplification and detection to be performed directly on the microarray
    • Confers a significant gain in sensitivity without introducing bias
    • Offers broad utility across RNA, DNA, and proteins
    • Enables spatial multiplexing as result of amplified material remaining tethered to target molecules
    • Enables combinatorial fluor multiplexing
    • Compatible with most available chip platforms
    • Compatible with most target recognition methods
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