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  • Genetics and obesity: a study in twins

    There is a worldwide epidemic of childhood obesity in the last fifteen years. What are the roles of heredity and environment? This is what British researchers wanted to determine by looking at 5092paires twins (1813 and 3279 true false) aged 8 to 11 years at the time of the study. If the influence of heredity is dominant, mass index (BMI) of identical twins must evolve identically, contrary to the BMI of twins.

    Overweight (11%) and obesity (3%) were similar among boys and girls. The correlation between MZ and high BMI and / or waist circumference (WC), the influence of heredity, very strong, is estimated at 77% for BMI and 76% for TT. The genes that determine the TT, and therefore abdominal obesity, are common for a large majority with those who determine the BMI (60%). There is however an independent genetic effect for about 40% of them. The effect of environment on the development of overweight or obesity would be very limited (no more than 10%), since the genetic predisposition is present. These results show the importance of identifying families at risk in the fight, current and future, against childhood obesity.

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