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  • LifeSeq

    Human Gene Expression and Sequence Database

    LifeSeq® database is one of the world’s largest sources of genomic data. This commercial database of human gene expression and sequence information is used daily by scientists at more than 50 pharmaceutical research and development sites worldwide to identify therapeutic targets, to develop new approaches for diagnosing disease, and to understand the pharmacological and toxicological impact of new drugs on human tissues.

    Point-and-Click Biology

    Today, the path from gene discovery to drug development starts at the computer, where scientists can study biology thousands of genes at a time. LifeSeq software provides the data and the enabling tools to explore this wealth of genomic information, including the electronic equivalents of biological experiments such as Northern Blots and Library Subtractions. Using simple point-and-click commands, researchers can navigate through the database to retrieve vital information in just seconds, literally “biology in silico,”eliminating weeks of work in a traditional laboratory.

    The sequence analysis and assembly tools built into LifeSeq sofware also allow scientists to compare gene sequences, to assign putative functional characteristics, to assemble consensus sequences, to identify polymorphisms, and even to “clone” new genes. New Java-enabled template viewers make it easier than ever to quickly assess results from BLAST searches for putative homologs and splice variants allowing the user to drill down to nucleotide level differences.
    Bioinformatics Excellence

    Incyte combines high-throughput DNA sequencing with state-of-the-art bioinformatics to identify and characterize the expressed genes of the human genome. This proprietary data is integrated with publicly available EST data, including sequences from the Washington University-Merck EST Project, The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), and the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP) to create a powerful, information-based tool for drug discovery and development.

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