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  • LifeProt Database

    Incyte and Oxford GlycoSciences (OGS) are currently using this proteomics technology platform in concert with Incyte’s gene expression microarrays and genomic databases to develop the LifeProt™ protein expression and sequence database.

    LifeProt contains annotated protein expression data for numerous tissues. Researchers can investigate 2D gel images on screen, looking at identified proteins, drilling down to amino acid sequence data or linking to matching ESTs in the LifeSeq® human gene sequence database. LifeProt is an integrated gene expression analysis system, bringing together the best of proteomics and genomics.

    The Promise of Protein Profiles

    As more and more reference gel images for different tissues are added to LifeProt, it should be possible to identify most proteins by their position on the gel. In this selected portion of a 2D gel, two features were annotated as differentially modified forms of the same protein.

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