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  • Pharmacogenetics

    pharmacogeneticsThis new Incyte program will focus on identifying the role of genetic diversity in disease and drug response by developing technologies and programs for the pharmaceutical industry in polymorphism discovery, genotyping and pharmacogenetics.

    The Future of Drug Development

    Understanding the key genetic differences between individuals will enable pharmaceutical researchers to create better therapeutics. Improved therapeutics can reach new levels by being able to differentiate between individuals according their predisposition to disease processes or susceptibility to adverse effects of medications.

    Pharmacogenetics will revolutionize the healthcare and drug development process by helping us understand the genetic diversity of a population and how those differences correspond to therapeutic outcomes. The result: improved drug development and therapeutics tailored to individual genotypes.

    Leveraging Our Expertise

    Incyte is in a unique position to address this revolutionary opportunity. Over the past 7 years, Incyte has developed highly efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes for generating DNA sequence and gene expression information. In addition, the company has invested in sequencing, microarray, and informatics technologies that can now be applied towards the accumulation of genetic diversity information. Using these combined resources, Incyte will establish a comprehensive genotyping platform in human genetics. This platform will set the standard for pharmaceutical research in the 21st century.

    New Technologies

    Incyte is seeking out new opportunities to apply novel technologies in this genetic discovery mission. These technologies include a robust technology platform for high-throughput single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery. This technology platform will be combined with Incyte’s capabilities in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics to create a reference database of SNPs to aid pharmaceutical researchers in the development of drugs.

    The SNP database, and other technologies in development, will be used develop integrated systems dedicated to the commercial application of genetics in drug discovery.

    Driving Competitive Advantage in Drug Discovery

    As we learn more about the impact of genetic diversity on the response to therapy, patients will benefit from better drugs and tailored therapy. Pharmaceutical companies that share this vision will now have a direct competitive advantage.

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