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  • Recent Results from the Molecular Structure

    Molecular structure determinations of organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds are carried out on a routine basis. CHEM-RAY pictures of some recent results from the Molecular Structure Laboratory are shown below:

    Color Codes: (C-turquoise; H-white; N-blue; O-red)


    The crystal structure of the urea of aminohexanoic acid. This view shows three layers edge on. Each layer consists of a beta-network of molecules held together by hydrogen bonds. This molecule was synthesized and the structure determined by Dr. Leticia Toledo, a postdoctoral student in the Fowler/Lauher research group.

    Color Codes: (C-turquoise; H-white; Li-green; N-blue; Si-purple)


    This molecule is the lithium salt of a tripodal amine synthesized by Dr. Lutz Gade of the University of Wuerzburg and members of his research group. The structure was determined at Stony Brook by Professor Joseph W. Lauher.

    Color Codes: (Sn-red; S-yellow)


    A tin sulfide from the laboratory of Professor John Parise. Structure by David Nellis.

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