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  • A therapeutic target cautions

    a-therapeutic-target-cautionsMost sporadic colorectal cancers are initiated by activating mutations in the route Want (wingless type), whose products are implicated Eph receptors (Ephraim’s) and its ligands.A study on the development of colorectal cancer sample, for the first time that the activity of Eph receptors (responsible for controlling the structure of intestinal epithelium through repulsive interactions with their legends) cancels the progression of benign to malignant tumors.

    The study, conducted by researchers at the Institute of Biomedical Science Park of Barcelona (IRB-PCB) and the Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology (NIDB) has been published in Nature, and demonstrates that, although signaling Wnt path remains constitutively active in most colorectal cancers lose expression of EphB receptor in the transition from adenoma to carcinoma. That is, for there to be progression is necessary that the tumor learn to block the function of these receptors. Moreover, we show that reduction of EphB activity accelerates colorectal tumor genesis in animal models studied, and gives the Aden carcinoma aggressiveness. Similarly, most malignant colorectal tumor cells are composed of Eph negative, indicating that the loss of this receptor is an advantage for tumor growth.

    For the authors of the paper, their findings contradict previous studies in suggesting that Eph receptors might be therapeutic targets for treating these cancers, and describing its over expression in early stages of the disease. Thus, it appears that the use of these molecules as targets could have serious consequences for patients at stages of the disease shown incredible, and be useful in more advanced stages.

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