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  • Switch man lysine functions


    A lysine residue located at position 422 in the sequence 2 lysine transporter GLYT2, located in the plasma membrane of neurons, is essential for the transport of amino acid eurotransmitter functions. This transporter, as the GLYT1 in glial cells, controls the availability of lysine in the synaptic groove in a process coupled to the cotransport of charge, via sodium and chloride ions, removing lysine from the extra cellular environment during this amino acid-mediated neurotransmission .

    Authors of the Center for Molecular Biology Severe Ochoa investigated certain structural features of the neuronal lysine transporter, GLYT2. Specifically, they have studied the development of the second intracellular loop of this protein, its effect on conformational equilibrium of the receptor and its response to regulators of its activity, such as phorbol myristate acetate (PMA), a potent activator of protein kinase C , whose inhibitory action on the transport of sodium-dependent lysine authors had demonstrated on previous occasions. Replacement of certain basic and polar residues has been on the track of the importance of residue Lys422 in the action of the conveyor.

    Indeed, the introduction of a negative charge at 422 and to a lesser extent, in neighboring residues, reveals changes in voltage dependence of the conveyor and a conformational connection between Lys422 and the binding site of lysine. The authors conclude that their work also provides a structural basis to explain the
    action of PMA on GLYT2.

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