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  • DNA repair and telomeres, announced a relationship

    dna-repair-and-telomeres-announced-a-relationshipTo maintain genomic stability, mammalian cells require the action of five proteins encoded by paralogous genes to that of RAD51, a molecule involved in DNA repair, implying orquesrado operation of certain protective mechanisms.

    In previous work on RAD51 protein, essential in homologous recombination, has established its relationship to repair mechanisms. Their action, in response to gene damage depends on BRCA2 (protein related to breast cancer) and a series of proteins (RAD51B, RAD51C, RAD51D, XRCC2 and XRCC3), known as the RAD51 paralogues. The paralogy, understood as a degree of specialization adopted by horizontally related genes, can deliver a complete answer to the questions raised in this paper.

    Researchers at the National Cancer Research Center, in international collaboration, have found that one of these paralogous gene products, RAD51D protein is also involved in the maintenance of telomeres, since these structures have been found in cytogenetic techniques and have confirmed their involvement using mutants (-/-). Rad51d The conclusion of this work is important: RAD51D protein plays a dual role in cell repair breaks in DNA and telomere protection against events that affect their dysfunction.

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