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  • Memory structure and dynamics in the DNA fiber

    memory-structure-and-dynamics-in-the-dna-fiberBiochemistry as a science, is making a trip from physiological conditions to extreme testing environments, in which the behavioral rules derived from the study of hydrated systems may not be valid. One example is DNA chips, popular in genomic studies, based on the assumption (not proven) that the structure of DNA and pattern recognition are equal when the molecule is Now Go in aqueous solution or bound to a cationic membrane . Proteomics, an emerging area of research revolves around the use of mass spectroscopy apparatus, in which the macromolecules are injected into the gas phase at high pressures and temperatures.

    Extreme conditions, which, surprisingly, we assume that do not affect its structure or properties for recognition of other molecules. All this is creating a gap between experimental measurement and the conclusions derived from it. In the work of this team of researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona Science Park, we study first the impact on the dynamic structure and recognition properties of a macromolecule under conditions of an experiment in extreme environments (gas phase high temperature). They are very important changes in the macromolecule after flashing, but also, surprisingly, the existence of a strong structural and dynamic memory in the DNA fiber. The experiments described in this study certainly opens a new way of understanding the results of genomic and proteomic experiments.

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