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  • The maturation of T7 causes structural changes in the virion

    images29The viral maturation process involves, essentially, the incorporation of the genome to procures protein.

    In this work, developed in the group of doctors JM Values and J.L. Ratchet has been analyzed by electron microscopy assisted by computational analysis, the structural differences between the bacteriophage T7 procures and mature head, the one containing the genome.

    The procures inside reveals a complex structure of the so-called scaffold-forming proteins, the molecules that catalyze the process of capsid assembly, and a central protein complex anchored to one of the vertices of the capsid, which plays an essential role in packaging of DNA.

    The reconstruction of the mature virion reveals important changes in the cover, since it appears larger and thinner, also forming the scaffolding proteins are not present and observed conformational changes in the structure of the central complex, which, in mature virion, protruding below the housing and interacts with the tail of the phage.

    The authors of this paper suggest that the structural changes experienced by the mature virion after the entry of the DNA molecule must be the result of the pressure that this molecule, densely packed, must exercise over the capsid.

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