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  • Genetic disease and epigenetics

    41Cancer is a genetic disease and epigenetics. The first thing is have ample evidence for years. Of the latter being generated every day more conclusive evidence. Demonstrate it has cost, despite the intense research carried out in this field and know the common feature in cancer cells provides the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes by mechanisms such as changes in the patterns of methylation of histones and DNA.

    A full study Spanish, signed at the Neurosciences Institute of the CSIC and the universities of Cadiz and Miguel Hernandez de Alicante, provides evidence and outlines how this causation occurs. The work, which has had a big impact, shows that two epigenetic silencing of the Polycomb group, called Pipsqueak and Lola, are involved in this process when they act in aberrant overexpression coupled with Delta, a growth regulator. Then there is the silencing of tumor suppressor genes and the production of metastatic tumors. This process also requires the presence of histone-modifying enzymes and protein Polycomb.

    The study model of tumor genesis used are Drosophila eye cells. The research also describes one of the silenced genes in these tumors is the tumor suppressor Rib (retinoblastoma). This, together with p53, is a major tumor suppressor factors. But the expression of Rib was also suppressed in tumors of the model. With this protein specifically, the study shows a direct relationship between inactivation and the appearance of tumors, while its restatement inhibits their appearance.

    This labyrinthine system involves a novel mechanism of action related oncogene Notch and Notch-Delta signaling, epigenetic silencing and cell cycle control in the tumorigenic process. As important discovery not only made known aspects of normal and tumor growth, but can also lead to new ways to identify and treat cancer.

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